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Research and Development Service

Our Research and Development Center was established in order to provide advanced R& D facilities, carry out research and development, and to guide and collaborate activities with the broad fields of the Information Technologies to improve humans’ life. The center aims to stimulate inter-disciplinary and inter-departmental through local and international collaborative projects.
Current R & D activities and interests include: Data Analytic, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IBM Watson/ Cognitive Service…

The science fields that we research are

Internet of Things (I.o.T): We believe I.o.T will become the next key element of business transformation.
The convergence of wireless communication technologies brings connected and autonomy devices into internet world, creating disrupted IT #transformation and at high level of #precision.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
 - is intelligence exhibited by machines, rather than humans or other animals.

Data Analysis - A process of inspecting, cleansing. transforming, modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making.

Machine Learning - is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning is so pervasive today that you probably use it dozens of times a day without knowing it.

Deep Learning - is part of a broader family of machine learning methods based on learning data representations through multiple layers of a defined neural network, as opposed to task-specific algorithms.

* Because we think big, our work never stops. We make sure new technology trends always in our reach.

3SI has had the initial success with the PDS project. Talented software engineers in 3SI make a great effort to research the application of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning to do great things such as:

- Analyze images into multiple layers in medical field.

- Propose solutions for database architecture.

- API software systems of radiotherapy for cancers.

Mobile Development Service

Nowadays, the pressure is on to develop and deploy more mobile applications – and fast. As mobility demands increase in day-to-day transactions for business-to-consumer, business-to-business, business-to-employee and government-to-citizen applications, so do the opportunities to create mobile applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Google Android smartphones that empower employees and engage customers in new ways, or just simply to encourage individuals to have better opportunities communicating to the world. Let's your organization tap into these benefits even when your time and resources are limited by using 3S services. Let's build better mobile applications with 3S. Our strategic mobile team will help you design, build, deploy and manage dynamic mobile applications for a broad range of mobile form factors and devices.

Software Outsourcing Service

Our experienced, well-managed and highly competent offshore outsourcing teams have been providing comprehensive, premium and most satisfactory offshore outsourcing services as well as software development and website design services to domestic and international Customers. 

ROI from Outsourcing to 3S

3S can gather resources for your Offshore Software Development Center (OSDC) with a dedicated team. Your dedicated OSDC team acquires and maintains an intimate understanding of your software development requirements and processes as an integral part of your software development strategy.

To hire a typical experienced software engineer in your country either permanently or temporarily, it could be costly. The services of a 3S engineer with similar experience and competencies, working for you in an OSDC, can cost substantially less.

Shorter product life-cycles, the need to beat competitors to market, changing requirements of your target market, faster ROI required by investors, all drive the necessity of getting your product on the market as soon as possible. 3S enable 24/7 development work on your project.

Focusing your resources on your core business and competencies allows you to adapt and respond to developments within your market-space quicker and more effectively. In fact, even if the initial cost of outsourcing is higher than performing the activity internally, it is better for your long-term competitive position to outsource that activity.

Outsourcing can help you streamline your business operations and can make your organization more flexible to change. It also increases efficiency and productivity in non-core business processes.

Flexible Engagement models

High quality software process together with flexible engagement models ensures reliability and optimizes the performance of the projects and services to be delivered on time, on budget, and on target.

In this model, the cost is calculated based on the total project execution time and the corresponding effort used. The model is particularly suitable when the specifications of the project are complex.

Benefit: Greater flexibility, 3S provides customers with the necessary resources and team to meet their requirements and their needs.

In this model, the cost is calculated based on a fix-bid budget upfront. 3S provides detail project estimates with quote based on our initial analysis and master schedule for implementation. This model is the best choice when your project requirements, scope and specifications are clear.

Benefit: The best team suitable for the domains of your expertise with dedicated resources with low risk of turn-over.

This model is the best option for customers who are looking for continued offshore support on a long-term basis by a dedicated team with accumulated knowledge and customized processes to improve productivity, infrastructure facilities and great flexibility.

Benefit: Retention of knowledge with dedicated secured facility which is accurately integrated into customers' systems, leading to greater cost reduction by productivity improvement over the time.

Standard Delivery Model

Our Standard Delivery Model assures all deliverables meet multinational organisations' needs with consistency and quality across multiple languages and time-zones. 3S provides secured facility for online delivery from offshore as well as for some big projects, 3S onsite coordinator will do all the delivery and deployment tasks in cooperation with Customers' IT staffs. From the 3S point of view, Outsourcing is much more than a service outside, it is a partner inside! 3S coordinates with your in-house staffs to provide you and your clients the best development services.


Web Design and Coding Service

3S utilizes pre-built content management system (CMS) core to save both time and money. In some certain contexts, 3S also develop systems from scratch to maximize the business support of the applications.

Free open source CMS and frameworks that we most use are:

  • Umbraco - a Microsoft .NET based solution and a priceless CMS at the cost of virtually nothing.
  • Wordpress - the "free and priceless" open source web software that powers the place on web that millions people call "home".
  • Yii2 - high-performance, component-based PHP framework, bringing the best Web solutions to customers.
  • Joomla - an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications, extremely customizable and adaptable for Enterprise, SMBs, NPOs and beyond.
  • OpenCMS - a reliable, professional and easy to use website content management system.
  • Drupal - an open source software maintained and developed by a community of 630,000+ users and
  • Dotnetnuke - the leading Web Content Management Platform for Microsoft, powering over 700,000 production web sites worldwide.
  • Magento - a complete eCommerce solution for businesses that are ready to take full advantage of their online channel.

Proprietary CMS platform that we use are

  • Sitecore - a Microsoft .NET based solution that delivers real business results with targeted web strategies. Prominent organizations continually recognize Sitecore as a leader in the digital marketing industry.
  • Microsoft Sharepoint - the new way to work together. Microsoft SharePoint introduces new ways to share your work and work with others, organize your projects and teams and discover people and information.

Custom Web Design and Coding to maximize business integration

Custom Web Design (CWD) requires a large amount of work to be done at the beginning. It is always worth to pay enough time and effort early than late. The detail process of CWD is as below:

  1. 3S business analyst masters your business, the initial requirements and the current workflow;
  2. Our software designer bases on the analysed business to develop CWD document which includes software requirement specifications, function and data flow design, wire frame and layout design, test cases;
  3. You can gain access to our  Project Management System (3S Insight) for real-time tracking of your CWD progress ;
  4. Deliverables will be uploaded to our development web server at milestones of the CWD plan.
  5. Beta release of CWD will be launched for acceptance test.
  6. Final release will be packaged and deployed on your server after the acceptance test completed.
3S also provides hosting facility, operation and maintenance services for your website so that you are completely free to focus on your business content.

NFC Marketing service

The Tapping NFC mobile marketing platform combines a mobile website builder with NFC tags, NFC management, NFC sticker printing, and NFC campaign analytics


Recently, you have often heard of SMART POSTER ...

SMART POSTER is a traditional paper poster in which passted a NFC tag that you can tap your smartphone on it.


  • Provide a new user experience 
  • Centralized management of display information via Cloud
  • Earn Advertising revenue by displaying your company's information

New user experience by tapping

Surprisingly new function of smartphone

Do you find in the back of your smartphone a mark looks like the left one?

This is called "N mark", placing where the NFC function is available.

With a smartphone with this mark, you can experience a new non-contact service