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  • Digital Transformation
    Software Outsourcing Service

    Reliable Vietnam partner for the development and maintenance of your IT Solutions

  • Seamlessly Global Delivery

    We're based in Vietnam and proudly work with global customers from multiple timezones

  • Happy coder,
    Happy coding for a better life!

    3S highly values the life of coders and contributes social values to Vietnam & the world

Research and Development Service

Research and Development Service

We always catch up with new technology trends to change and improve human life, which cover many fields as such Data Analytic, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IBM Watson/ Cognitive Service,...

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Mobile Development Service

Mobile Development Service

Let's your organization tap into these benefits even when your time and resources are limited by using 3S services. Let's build better mobile applications with 3S. Our strategic mobile team will help.

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Software Outsourcing Service

Software Outsourcing Service

Our experienced & highly competent offshore outsourcing teams have been providing comprehensive, premium & most satisfactory offshore outsourcing services and development to Customers worldwide.

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Web Design and Coding Service

Web Design and Coding Service

3S utilizes pre-built content management system (CMS) core to save both time and money. In some certain contexts, 3S also develop systems from scratch to maximize the business support of the applications.

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NFC Marketing service

NFC Marketing service

Application of the latest technology of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) in various business usage. Contact us for realworld case studies.

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Why 3S?

Our experience, expertise, best-equipped facility, professional management, commitment and happy smiles have been bringing our customers the utmost satisfaction.

  • Experienced Staffs Experienced Staffs

    Experienced Staffs

    The experience in both open source and commercial offerings empowers 3S to tailor solutions to suit your business needs.

    Experienced Staffs

    At 3S, competent software engineers, mobile application developers, creative web designers, business analysts and solution architects are given necessary trainings and best working environment to demonstrate their capabilities, to focus on their work, and to create value for Customers. Our human resources policies highlight the following factors:

    Competence and Ability

    Creativity and Open-minded


    Professional Management

    Flexibility and Autonomy

    Performance-based Rewards

    Long-term Perspective

    Balancing life with Happy smiles

  • Human Resource Specifications Human Resource Specifications

    Human Resource Specifications

    Competent software engineers, mobile application developers, creative web designers, business analysts and solution architects are life-long learners and practitioners, who passionately focus on their works to create values for Customers.

    Human Resource Specifications 2020

  • Project Management Project Management

    Project Management

    Transparent project management is the key to project success and customer satisfaction.

    Project Management

    Transparent project management is the key to project success and customer satisfaction. Our key enablers are:
    • Applying proven, well-known software engineering process and management methodologies to simplify Software Delivery (not only CMMi-5 practices handed down by experienced members but also SCRUM methodology and Agile software development approach).
    • Encouraging multiple roles engagements and giving full commitment.
    • Creating a highly disciplined, effective and professional working process which make the best out of the employees' performance.
    • Getting people involved in management processes. Successful project management requires active participation of each and every project team member.
    • Enabling Customers to take active role in projects by our web base Project Management System (3S Insight)
    • Doing business in the spirit of dedication and commitment.
    • Focusing on in time, within budget and to specifications to ensure project deliverables as expected.

    Customers choose 3S for trusted, easy tracking and monitoring, well-managed projects. The success of projects is the best reward to us.

  • Quality Management Quality Management

    Quality Management

    Software is now used in many applications and software defects have caused serious damage.

    Quality Management

    Software quality is becoming increasingly important. Software is now used in many applications and software defects have caused serious damage and even physical harm. Defects in financial applications can be very costly but defects in software that fly airplanes, drive cars, operate machines, or run manufactories can be very dangerous.

    Software suppliers that do not have a good quality management systems are risking their business in a highly competitive world. Many global customers now consider quality as the key factor in selecting software suppliers.

    At 3S, Software Quality Management (SQM) always plays the final and decisive role on the success or failure of any software project.With solid and well-established SQM, 3S maintains a strict, rigorous and comprehensive software quality assurance through suitable policies, clear and standardized processes, through testing; all performed by well trained, highly skilled and professional QA staffs, accompanied by the smart supervision of the Customers.

  • Infrastructure Infrastructure


    3S is equipped with the most advanced and professional innovative IT.


    Locating in an energetic area of Hanoi - capital city of Vietnam, 3S is equipped with the most advanced and professional innovative IT infrastructure to ensure optimal security, reliability, scalability and productivity.

    Our smart network connections consisting of different leased lines and redundant lines provided by different network providers, coupling with innovative infrastructure platform, also give us confidence to do our works 24/7 seamlessly on different projects across time-zones, and still ensures the best achievable results.

  • IP Protection IP Protection

    IP Protection

    IP means not only patents, trademarks and copyrights, but also the processes, techniques and methodology.

    IP Protection

    Intellectual Property (IP) protection is vital to our Customers' business development. IP means not only patents, trademarks and copyrights, but also the processes, techniques and methodology. Software outsourcing service always exposes a high level of knowledge sharing between Customers and Providers. 3S protects the information assets of Customers, Suppliers and 3S itself from all threats, whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental ones. All regulatory and legislative requirements are met to ensure the followings (C.I.A):

    Information Confidentiality is maintained and protected against unauthorized access.

    Information Integrity is protected against unauthorized modification.

    Information Availability to authorized users only.

    As employees are the sources of most IP losses, often unintentionally, information security training and awareness enhancing are absolutely necessary. Thus, employees understand and take responsibility for their usage of company information and resources, attend ongoing training in security control requirements and activities, then supervised by annual audits and generally accepted security procedures.


Our Product

3S would like to become a Software Service Company that gradually bring innovative online services to the public.
Our Product

Crisis Management System

The application of strategies designed to help an organization deal with sudden and significant negative events.

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CMS Solution for Hotel & Resort websites

We provide flexible and cost effective CMS solution for Nam An promotion websites. Naman Retreat seamlessly blends timeless Vietnamese heritage and culture with luxurious modern charm. Impressive traditional bamboo architecture and exquisite interiors, combined with our authentic Vietnamese hospitality assures you a wonderful retreat experience.

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RFID Management System

An RFID Access Management Solution that can be defined as an "Invisible Soft Security Barrier" for our smart city.

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3S Rental

We develop the systems for managing the rental of apartments or houses in new urban areas.

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Mobile Business

Pick your own Shop Application on Mobile

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NFC-based Food Court Operation Management

Culinary art is creative and a finest dish must give the guests not only great tastes, but it does bring them delights in senses of smell and sight.

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What Our Clients Say?

Each of you has contributed a tremendous amount of effort in getting us to this stage and I for one would like to thank all three of you for the commitment, energy and dedication it has taken to get us from a fanciful concept to a real live site.

Nadim van der Ros

We are satisfied that you handled problems very quickly and carefully. Absolutely no problem with communication at all so we find it a bit strange how you guys can acquire such skills.

Plus One



Project quality is good with smooth implementation. No problem so far.

Sano Seiichi

As you are fully aware the team at 3SI has been making good progress on this tight and challenging project. Everything that I’ve asked of them they have delivered and for that I’m very pleased.We still have a little more to go before production launch but I want to let it be known that Tuan, Phong, Manh and other team members who had contributed a huge amount of effort and for that I’m truly grateful. As a recognition of the tremendous and super hero efforts I would like to make a small gesture of my appreciation by treating the entire Project team at 3S to a very nice dinner to the sum of $600USD...

Anton Pham





3S Company went beyond expectations. I plan on working with them immediately to complete my plans.

Louis O'Reily

Excellent project work. The team went above and beyond the call of the project to ensure it was completed perfectly and on time. Highly recommended.

Marcel Kaminstein



Ours project is a complicated one that has nine elements that need to work together. The original programmer quit the project because of its complexity. The staff at 3S Company is diversified so there is someone who is proficient at whatever skill is needed. Due to the complexity of our project, I have had the opportunity to work with six different programmers. All of them have been hard working and cooperative. Despite the twelve hour time difference, I have been able to talk over Skype in both the morning and evening. That means that sometimes the programmer is up until 11PM. As a consequence of their diverse talents and willingness to communicate whenever needed, my project is moving along at a rate that meets my expectations. Oh, it helps a lot that they all speak English.

Lou O'Reilly







今回は新しいアプリケーションの開発ということでしたが、大よそスムーズに進んでいると感じています。 シャープ担当者の方にも視察を通して良い評価を頂き、今後につながる結果が出ていることに満足しています。

Ikubi Hatakeda

The overall work of the team has been fantastic and they have been a pleasure to work with.

Anton Pham

Rất nhiệt tình support và có tinh thần hợp tác cao. Mặc dù vẫn có những lỗi nhỏ nhưng đội phát triển luôn tích cực và xử lý nhanh các vấn đề xảy ra. Chúc 3S ngày cang lớn mạnh và phát triển bền vững lâu dài. Xin cảm ơn và hẹn gặp lại trong các dự án khác trong tương lai.

Pham Hoai Hung

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